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Donna discusses in her radio segment metabolic rate and age decline. 

Donna discusses in her radio segment "Happy and Healthy at Any Age", how to practice meditation and mindfulness.

Learn how easy and simple it can be eat healthy, and the far-reaching benefits simple changes can have in your life. 

Donna Bunte's Whole Health practice treats the whole person, finding the cause of the problem, rather than just focusing on relieving symptoms. 


About 11 years ago, spams in my lower back were so painful and debilitating that I could hardly walk. Since my chiropractor was out of town that particular Saturday, I wanted to try acupuncture for the first time. I gave Donna a call after finding her website. Although she was traveling also, she was very helpful in trying to come up with ways of alleviating my pain on the phone until she could get back to town. It was great finding someone who really cares! After several treatments, the pain was completely gone. This is just one example of how Donna truly cares about her clients, and she is the only acupuncturist that I recommend when asked.  Jack B.

As a fitness trainer, I tend to overwork myself from time to time, and I have found acupuncture to be my best healing solution. I have visited Greenwich Holistic Health numerous times over the years, and have been treated for various pain generating ailments associated with sports injuries. My experiences with Donna Bunte have always been very positive. The moment that you enter the office you will experience a welcoming atmosphere, where attention to detail is evident. The environment that she has created is one of calm, comfort and relaxation. Her abilities and knowledge are evident of her many years of experience and she demonstrated above average excellence in all areas of her profession. Typically after an hour or so of treatment, I am already starting to feel better. If you have tried acupuncture or are just considering it, I would highly recommend visiting this office. My experiences here have only been great.  Annabelle L. 

I wanted to share my wonderful experience with Donna and Holistic Health. Never growing up did I have a problem with weight and not being active. Now being 51 years old and with other issues we women tend to get at this age, weight seems to be the one nearest and dearest friend never leaving us alone. LOL. This is my third cleanse using the products recommended by Donna.(Standard Process). I now do this cleanse twice a year. and I have never felt better. The first time I used her products i lost 11 pounds and felt my body not craving salt or sugar ( I crave salty foods more than sweet) My blood pressure is much better, and I have again remembered the good taste of fresh vegetables. I plan on losing 15 pounds this go around, as I have become my own worst critic. The most important thing for me with this cleanse is how I feel. Not only do I feel healthier now but at 51 years old I feel sexier as well. And that's never a bad thing. LOL.  Brendetta B.  

I have gotten very good results from acupuncture with Donna. I suffer from a bad lower back and separately have pulled back muscles. Donna is able to see me right away and gets to work. I have had back issues 3 times (went to Donna 2 sessions for each). A couple days after the 2nd session, my back was completely free of pain. Donna gets to work on the problem areas right away, she is very precise, and she is a very peaceful person too. I buy my Standard Process supplements from Donna as well.  Theresa P.